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Complete Portfolio Solutions

ARS is your single destination for all of your repossession portfolio management needs.

We provide Nationwide Repossession Portfolio Management Services

  • Voluntary (24 Hour Update Standard)
  • Liens / Impounds (48 Hour Update Standard)
  • Involuntary (72 Hour Update Standard)

As with all ARS services, update curriculums are customizable. In addition to updates, other services we will tailor to your requirements include:

  • Transmission of New Assignments
  • Repossession Notification
  • Condition Report Submission
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Invoicing

ARS has the unique ability to provide services that we believe you will find superior to any other National Repossession Portfolio Management Services Firm

  • Dedicated CSR Teams – Assigned exclusively to your portfolio
    • A direct point of contact for each repossession assignment
  • WebTracker – 24 / 7 Account Management via our secure web portal
  • All Lien / Impound fees are advanced on your behalf, regardless of amount
  • Monthly Performance Reports – Include a detailed overview of our recovery percentage, resolution rates, average days to repo, and more
  • Skipbusters – Have your account in the hands of a skilled investigator in hours
    • We will waive your close fee on any ARS accounts sent to Skipbusters
  • State-of-the Art Security – We protect your customer’s information
  • Liability/Claims – Managed and mitigated by us at no cost to you

Upon repossession by an ARS-approved independent recovery agent, ARS will provide a detailed and timely notification, so you remain in compliance with all of your post-repossession deadlines

  • ARS Transport Department will deliver your collateral to the auction of your choice, or make it available for transport, contingent to your needs.
  • Our Redemption Department will coordinate an immediate and amiable resolution if a vehicle return or redemption is necessary .
  • After your unit is safely recovered and transported, you will receive a single invoice, detailing all fees associated with the account.

American Recovery Service is committed to your success; we appreciate the constant demands faced by the Financial Services Industry. We will actively manage your results and make any real-time adjustments or enhancements needed to ensure that you not only meet, but exceed your recovery goals.


ARS does not perform any repossessions itself, in any State, but contracts with professional,
properly licensed recovery agents.

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