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American Recovery Service and Skipbusters are wholly owned subsidiaries of Patrick K. Willis Company, Inc. PK Willis Company has been a major player in the repossession industry over the past 30 years. Through our experiences with our regional repossession operation, which has been based in Sacramento since 1979, we have come to appreciate all the challenges repossession companies face on a daily basis. Our Founder, Pat Willis, has served as President of both The California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR) and National Finance Adjusters (NFA), in addition to serving both associations as a board member for nearly 10 years.

In 1994, American Recovery Service became the first Nationwide Repossession Portfolio Management Services Firm in the country. Since it’s inception, we have enjoyed longstanding relationships with lenders across the nation. Whether you are a Global Financial Institution or a Regional Credit Union, ARS has been designed to fully capture and satisfy all of your repossession portfolio management needs. We sincerely believe that our years of valuable experience and our absolute conviction to serve our clients will always allow ARS to provide a superior nationwide repossession portfolio management service.

Our years of experience with all facets of outsourced repossession portfolio management on behalf of financial institutions allow us to:

  • Guarantee that our clients’ accounts are treated as a top priority
  • Streamline our internal processes to relieve your collectors of unnecessary demands
  • Ensure timely and efficient resolution of any number of challenging scenarios that may arise during the repossession process
  • Sincerely hold the conviction that there is no operational demand that we are unable to satisfy




ARS does not perform any repossessions itself, in any State, but contracts with professional,
properly licensed recovery agents.

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